About the company

Focus on In-House Manufacturing and Product Development

Comprag GmbH, a member of the Comprag Group, has over twenty years of experience in the production of stationary and mobile screw compressors, refrigerated dryers, adsorption dryers, compressed air filters, cyclone condensate separators, compressed air tanks, and condensate management products.

The Comprag Group, with over 200 employees worldwide across three production sites in Europe and Asia, stands among the key manufacturers in the field of compressed air technology.

Our in-house production capabilities, modern manufacturing facilities, and robust research and development enable us to complete entire production cycles, including sheet metal processing, pressure vessel production, CNC machining, automated welding, surface preparation, powder and wet coating, as well as the production and assembly of pneumatic, electrical, and electronic products.

Global market presence and partnerships

Comprag products are sold to industrial customers and distribution partners on every continent.

We collaborate with carefully selected distribution partners and trading companies in the field of compressed air technology or related equipment.

Already present in more than 50 countries, we are actively seeking new distribution partners worldwide.

Through constructive technical exchange with our global customers, we develop and design new products to meet a variety of market demands.

Brands and Markets of the Comprag Group

The Comprag Group is represented in the market by two brands: Comprag® and Contracor®. Each brand has its own specialization and independent product range.

The Comprag® brand includes stationary and mobile air compressors, refrigerated dryers, adsorption dryers, filters for compressed air lines and cyclone separators, compressed air tanks, condensate management devices, and pneumatic demolition tools.

The Contracor® brand encompasses mobile blasting systems, manual blast cabinets, personal protective equipment for sandblasting, mobile aftercoolers and condensate separators, as well as special components and accessories for sandblasting.

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